Conversations Beneath The Surface

An invitation to explore beneath the surface of everyday life, that which has not yet been thought, where ties between us and the world in which we live are woven.

Frédéric Bagutti


White Swan, Genève, 2023

“Wherever we see life, we see networks.” — Fritjof Capra, 2002

The place where we meet is a living space, where differences encounter each other without bloodshed, where new perspectives can be forged and new possibilities can emerge.

Driven by the virtues of hope and courage, we confront danger, boredom, fear, and frustration, where the wild things are. We explore the diversity of experiences, from contemplation to reflection, from curiosity to wonder, at times.

Our motto: face it.

We encourage a sense of adventure, we deal with the unknown, and we try to learn a few lessons along the way. We even dare to play tiger, squirrel, or baboon, discovering various intensities of life through unexpected alliances.

We have left aside the obsession with control and certainty that strangle imagination and creativity, to allow the emergence of forgotten facts and their verbal formulation. We embrace the words that appear to us and let the voice of others resonate within us. Words and minds meet, inner worlds connect, and new meanings crystallize.

By approaching each other through dialogue, curious about the mystery of one another, acknowledging our mutual interdependence, relationships come alive.

Through free association, we approach the presence of immediate experience beneath the layers of the conceptual and logical discourse that isolate phenomena from their unique soil. We follow the words wherever they lead us, spontaneously leading us to the emergence of images, fleeting and yet familiar, acting as mirrors, expanding our field of vision, inviting us to explore the mystery they hold.

The strange becomes familiar and the familiar becomes strange, just as ethnographers felt when approaching new worlds. Eventually, a new balance emerges.

Thought becomes flexible and mobile again, discovering unprecedented connections. Sensations long hidden in the shadows resurface and remind us…



Frédéric Bagutti

Organizational behavior consultant and executive coach, licensed psychologist, EMCCC INSEAD. You can find me at: