Onboarding & Leadership Acceleration

How can you facilitate the integration of your executives and ensure that their transition to new functions is as smooth and successful as possible?

Frédéric Bagutti


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Career development can take many forms: taking on new responsibilities within the organization through internal mobility, promotion, or a change of company, sector or even industry.

A professional life is built up in stages, and at each one, the habits and beliefs that had been beneficial up to that point are potentially challenged.

One of the pitfalls executives face when taking up a new position is underestimating the novelty of the situation. Of course, certain familiar elements are always present — more direct reports, new regions, new products, new dotted line reporting, … A priori, why assume that this transition to new functions would not go as smoothly as most successful transitions before?…

However, adaptation can be tricky since any change of role involves a more or less extensive transition phase that is both a stimulating opportunity and a source of stress.

Optimizing the first few months and successfully integrating into a new environment, as well as embodying a new leadership role, is a challenge that the transitioning executive often manages alone, once the induction program (if any) has been completed.

How do you facilitate the integration of new executives when everyone in the organization is already overloaded?

Calling in an external partner with significant and relevant experience within business organizations and a detailed understanding of emotional dynamics and how change impacts organizational behavior can be a simple and efficient solution.

Individual executive onboarding coaching, focused on emotional, relational, and organizational dynamics, quickly and effectively mobilizes and activates executives’ resources to enhance personal effectiveness in role and in the context of their specific environment. The transition into the new role is enabled, the integration is accelerated and the risk of…



Frédéric Bagutti

Organizational behavior consultant and executive coach, licensed psychologist, EMCCC INSEAD. You can find me at: www.bagutticonsulting.com